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Welcome to Harborside Farms, craft grown cannabis from the heart of California’s coast. Seamlessly weaving cutting edge technology, traditional agricultural processes, and our deep dedication to the earth to produce the highest quality flower year-round—all while maintaining the smallest carbon footprint in the industry.

Masterfully grown. Ethically operated. Meticulously tested.

We invite you to join us in experiencing the flavor, beauty, and bliss of Harborside Farms.

Before We Plant…

Before we start the growing process, we explore which strains can grow sustainably while meeting the tastes of our customers. Through a series of trials we are able to determine the highest quality strains from our selection of genetics while developing a tailored approach so that each specific plant can grow in the best environment possible. Once we have chosen our cultivars, we sterilize our systems to give our plants a happy and healthy start. We are able to use our advanced smart farming technology to take into account practically every aspect that influences quality and yield.

How We Grow…

Our Monterey County farm receives some of the highest daily light integrals in the country, so we don’t need nearly as much power as a typical greenhouse farm, let alone indoor. By combining our experience and location with smart farm technology, we are able to fully maximize our environmental efficiency.

Our ability to harness the full UV spectrum of the sun while supplementing with a controlled environment allows for increased terpene and cannabinoid production—meaning our plants provide optimal flavor profiles and effects.

Clean quality cannabis means no pesticides. We leverage mother nature by using helpful bugs and fungi against any potential obstacles—instead of harsh chemicals.

Drying and Curing — Down to a Science

We don’t do what’s easiest, we do what’s best. We understand the intricacies of maintaining cannabinoids and terpenes after the growing cycles. After a careful harvest, we place our flower in state of the art temperature controlled Darwin chambers where we are able to manage airflow and humidity to maximize flavor and potency.

Once the drying process is complete, our flower is examined for quality before going through a closely watched curing process. This preserves terpene and cannabinoid content while also providing the smoothest possible exhale.

Due to the science of these processes, our cannabis is able to deliver a well rounded “entourage effect”. These stages ensure higher percentages of CBG, THCV, and CBDV without having to be provoked by an early harvest.

After a strict final examination, our flower is then packaged into sustainably sourced containers, ready for you to unwind with.

Check out the end result here!…

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The Coastal Calm of Harborside Farms

What makes Harborside Farms flower so special? We understand the many natural complexities that need to come together for the most enlightening cannabis experience.

For the most tailored experience, look out for the different combinations of these cannabinoids when shopping for your new favorite strain.

The Minor Cannabinoids of Harborside Farms

Through our craft growing practices we are able to cultivate a greater abundance of these minor cannabinoids for the most harmonious body and mind:

CBG (Cannabigerol)

CBG can balance out the more exciting effects of larger THC doses. Through expert growing practices we are able to cultivate higher amounts of this non-psychoactive cannabinoid in our plants without premature harvesting. All of the main cannabinoids in cannabis start off as CBG-A before they react with the plant’s enzymes to develop into THC or CBD.

THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin)

With uplifting and revitalizing effects, THCV holds very distinctive properties from the rest of the cannabinoids. For those who prefer to use cannabis in the daytime or need an overall energy boost, we suggest you look for flower that tests higher in THCV. Want to avoid the munchies or turning in early? This cannabinoid is for you.

Potential Benefits of THCV:

  • May help reduce appetite
  • May help reduce nervousness
  • May help reduce couchlock
CBDV (Cannabidivarin)

Found predominantly in landrace strains, this frequently medically studied non-psychoactive cannabinoid is well known for its possible use as a treatment for seizures. For those who are looking for an overall gentle wash of relaxation from their cannabis, look for products testing at a higher CBDV percentage.

Potential Benefits of CBDV:

  • May help lessen the magnitude of seizures
  • May reduce swelling
  • May elevate mood without intoxication

Welcome to Harborside Farms
At the Heart of the California Coast

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